Precast Wall Panelling System

Croom Concrete’s unique system uses precast panels to create versatile and affordable walling. These precast wall panels are robust and flexible, and able to be used in a wide variety of applications.  

Quick and simple to install, precast wall sections are fabricated in factory conditions and delivered ready for immediate use, regardless of weather conditions.  With no on-site pouring or setting, they are ideal for any situation where a durable concrete wall is required quickly.  Precast wall systems can be erected in a single day.

  • pre-cast wall panels
  • pre-cast wall panels
  • pre-cast wall panels
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Walls constructed using this system are potentially impermeable to water. The 3 millimetre gap between the tongue-and-groove planks can be filled with polyurethane mastic sealant, which means that the range of potential applications includes flood and landslip management, effluent treatment, cattle housing, and the storage of wet materials.

Potential uses

  • Parking area walls
  • Agricultural storage bays
  • Recycling and waste sorting bays
  • Industrial materials storage
  • Traffic screening
  • Security and boundary walls
  • Soil retention
  • Flood and landslip management
  • Livestock Housing

Concrete retaining walls are cost-effective and sustainable. They can be repositioned or removed when required.

Prestressed concrete wall panels are an ideal precast solution when speed, durability and cost are of importance.

Advantages of the Precast Walling System

  • No foundation is required
  • Durable and strong
  • Precast panels are easily installed, using a simple tongue-and-groove jointing system to achieve the desired height.
  • Available in tailor-made lengths and a variety of widths.
  • Extremely durable – manufacture in controlled factory conditions ensures quality.
  • Quick erection, even in adverse weather conditions.
  • Ready for immediate use.
  • Designed to save time and cost vs. block walls.

Its speed of erection, and the ability to be assembled even in adverse weather conditions, give Croom Concretes Precast Walling System a clear advantage over traditional methods such as block walling.

Non-Load Bearing Panels – Sizes

Panels 1000mm x 90mm, 1200mm x 90mm and 1500mm x 90mm are non-load bearing panels for the construction of enclosures.

Load Bearing Panels – Sizes

Load bearing panels begin at 1000mm x 140mm.


Movable Walls

Concrete movable wall sections have many applications in commerce, agriculture, and the construction industry.   


Croom Concrete’s precast A-Walls, also known as bunker walls, are a free-standing flexible system of moveable concrete walls that are easy to relocate, making them the ideal solution when temporary barriers or bays are required.  Cleverly designed to allow for…

Bunker Walls

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Precast A-walls for Hoben international

In November 2015 Croom supplied 145 no. 3m high Precast A-walls to Hoben international in Derby United Kingdom. The units are to be used to create a new storage bunker for the holding of liapor lightweight aggregate which is been…

Dunmore East

Croom Concrete have once again been appointed by L & M Keating to supply 75 no. 3m high Precast A Walls.

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