Precast Effluent Tanks

Precast Effluent Tanks

Croom Concrete manufacture and install a range of sizes of precast effluent tanks which reduce the risk of polluting the water table.

Precast Tanks can be installed to collect slurry as part of a larger agri installation under a slatted floor or for storing silage effluence or dirty water. The size of storage tanks required will be based on the estimated volume of effluent produced and must be within approved guidelines.

Precast concrete tanks are available from 750 gallons up to 10,000 gallons.  All of the concrete storage tanks come complete with solid lids and can have the galvanised manhole cover included if required.

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  • Concrete Effluent Tanks
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Benefits of a Storage Tank and Effluent Tanks

  • Constructed from steel-reinforced concrete in a factory controlled environment.
  • Precast Tanks are structurally robust, rot and leak-proof for below ground installation.
  • Quick and easy to install on site by our experienced team.
  • Can be installed in wet or dry ground.
  • 15 Year Structural Guarantee.
  • One piece pre-fabricated construction – eliminates risk of leakage through joints made on site.


Croom Supply Tanks to Limerick Building Company

Croom Concrete have recently completed the project of supplying precast storage tanks to a Limerick Building Company for use in a new stable complex for a leading Limerick stud.

Croom Solves Slurry Problem with a Double-Depth Concrete Tank

Long wet winters had been causing problems for Stephen James, the new Welsh NFU president, at his 500 acre dairy farm in Pembrokeshire. He needed extra storage capacity in his slurry tank, and was also keen to improve comfort for…

Building a large underground slurry tank

You have only really have one chance to examine an underground slurry tank – while it’s being built and before it has gone into use. In this article from the Farmers Journal, Paul Mooney discusses the process involved in installing…

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