Concrete and Climate Change

Climate change is never far from the headlines today, and at Croom Concrete our research and design teams work hard to ensure that Croom’s pre-cast concrete products will continue to match the challenges that climate change lays in the paths of urban development, flood protection,

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Pre-Cast Concrete Stairs and Landing Units - Croom Concrete UK

Pre-Cast Concrete Stairs

 Croom Concrete’s pre-cast concrete stairs come in a wide range of sizes, so suit every requirement.  We have an experienced and expert team of designers, as well as shuttering carpenters and casters, who will work with you and your architect to produce the staircase best suited to your personal project. 

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Precast Concrete Cattle Slats for Housing LiveStock

Croom Concrete Has A Wide Range Of Precast Products For Housing Livestock Including Cattle Slats, Cubicle Beds, Pillars, Support Beams And Pre-stressed Passage Slabs

Croom Concrete has been producing precast concrete cattle slats for the agri-construction sector for over 30 years.  The slat sizes can be designed to suit individual shed requirements.  Our recommendation for dairy cow slats are for a grooved standing space of 160mm – 175mm (anything under 160mm is not comfortable for cow hoof comfort) and spacing between slots of 38-43mm for adequate cleanliness.

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