Croom concrete supplies its unique precast concrete walls panels to customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

Wherever a durable and cost-effective system is required, Croom’s precast concrete walls panels will provide an ideal solution.  The wall sections are fabricated in factory conditions and are delivered on-site ready for immediate installation, where they can be erected in a single day, regardless of weather conditions. 


An All-Weather Solution 

Architects and designers whose projects have been delayed by adverse weather, when shuttering, pouring and setting have become impossible, are turning to Croom.  Croom’s bespoke panels come in a range of sizes, and are manufactured in accordance with the relevant British and European standards.  We supply load-bearing panels at a starting width of 1000 mm x 140 mm, in tailor-made lengths, and our non-load bearing panels come in sizes of 1000 mm x 90 mm, 1200 mm x 90 mm and 1500 mm x 90 mm, again in tailor-made lengths.  These varying heights and widths ensure that Croom’s precast concrete walls are the product of choice for almost every application for which a flexible and cost-effective system of construction is a prime requirement.


Versatile and Cost-Saving

The wall panels are simple to install, and the work can be carried out quickly and easily by semi- or unskilled labour.  Delays caused by bad weather are virtually eliminated, which offers considerable savings in cost and scheduling. 

Croom’s wall panels can be used in a wide variety of applications, from residential and commercial to agricultural, industrial, traffic management and storage.  Croom’s walls have been used for agricultural and industrial storage bays, recycling and waste sorting areas, security and boundary walls, landslip management and soil retention, parking area walls, and more. 


Movable and Waterproof

In addition to their other benefits, Croom’s walls can be repositioned or removed as circumstances dictate, which increases their cost-effectiveness and sustainability. 

The waterproofing of the panels is simple and effective.  The three-millimetre gap between the tongue-and-groove planks is filled with a polyurethane mastic sealant.  When this system is used, the walls become impermeable to water, and can, therefore, be used for flood and landslip management, the storage of wet materials, effluent and sewage treatment, cattle housing, and other applications where dry conditions are a requirement.


No Foundation Required

Unlike more conventional or traditional building systems, Croom’s concrete walls do not require a foundation.  The simple tongue-and-groove jointing system makes for ease of installation, and Croom’s tailor-made lengths allow clients to achieve the desired heights without costly and time-consuming adjustments or cutting. 


Quality and Durability 

The quality and durability of all Croom’s products is excellent and is ensured by the controlled factory conditions in which they are manufactured.

One of the strongest advantages of Croom concrete walls is their speed and ease of erection, which is unaffected by weather conditions.  When compared to traditional methods, such as block walling, the savings in time and cost make Croom concrete walls the product of choice for an ever-increasing client base of architects, designers and end-users.