Commercial and industrial customers are increasingly appreciating the benefits of our reinforced concrete Hollowcore flooring system, which combines ease of construction with the security of pre-cast concrete.  Hollowcore flooring consists of pre-cast concrete beams with lengthwise voids; it is an ideal solution for commercial applications, combining the strength of concrete with the advantages of low weight and high load capacity.  This prestressed concrete flooring is recognised all over the world as a cost-effective solution, combining durability and strength with speed of installation and durability.


At our modern production facility, Hollowcore slabs are cast using our up-to-date Extruder and Slipformer machines that cast in one phase along a production bed without the need of any formworks. They are manufactured using high tensile strength prestressed strands or single wires which are embedded within the element.  This reliable and efficient system is independent of weather and daylight issues, so Hollowcore flooring supply can be assured throughout the year.


Hollowcore slabs can be used with a variety of supporting structures, including concrete and brick walls, steel structures, onsite concrete cast structures, and prefabricated beams.  After being lifted into place, the flooring is ready for immediate grouting, to produce a solid structural floor which resists differential movement.
As with the initial production, the installation process is not weather-dependent, preventing costly delays to project schedules.


Electrical and plumbing services, insulation, and underfloor heating can sit on top of the concrete surface, with a screed or timber floor above.  The soffit can be painted or plastered as soon as the floor is in place.  A Hollowcore concrete floor provides a safe working platform for site operatives as soon as it is placed.

Adaptability and Versatility

In addition to standard sizes, Hollowcore flooring planks can be supplied in bespoke lengths, ensuring that the product arrives on site ready for immediate installation.

Benefits of our Hollowcore Flooring for Commercial Applications:

  • Hollowcore slabs are manufactured offsite, in a weather-proof production facility, to rigorous quality standards.
  • Their quick installation time leads to a reduction in building time and cost.  No need for propping, pouring or shuttering on site.
  • Their high load capacity and long spans make Hollowcore floors an excellent choice for commercial settings where uncluttered space is required.
  • Reinforced steel can be incorporated into, or projected from the Hollowcore slab, allowing for positive structural continuity on the final location.
  • Hollowcore beams, ones lifted into place, provide an immediate working platform for follow-on trades.
  • The continuous voids in Hollowcore slabs can accommodate service pipes or electrical wiring.
  • The soffit can be painted or plastered; Hollowcore floors are also suitable for suspended ceilings.
  • Hollowcore floors can be used with underfloor heating systems, and their high thermal mass ensures efficient use of energy in this context.
  • Hollowcore floors are resistant to damage by water or vermin, adding to their durability.
  • Exceptional fire resistance; Hollowcore floors can have a fire rating of up to two hours.
  • Hollowcore flooring slabs are recyclable, and their durability can make them an environmentally-friendly choice by comparison with short-lived alternatives.  The Hollowcore design reduces the number of raw materials in a given application.
  • Excellent thermal insulation; Hollowcore floors comply with stringent building regulations with regard to thermal insulation and can reduce heating costs.
  • Acoustic advantages; the hollow cores of these slabs ensure outstanding sound insulation.