Precast Columns and Beams

Croom Concrete designs, manufactures and erects a variety of standard Precast Concrete Columns and Beams, that combined with cattle slats, suspended passage ways and precast cubicle beds offers farmers and contractors a total precast solution.

Columns are placed on a prepared floor of the concrete tank. The columns support the beam, which in turn transfers the load of the slats to the walls and floor.  The height of the column can vary from project and the location inside tank.

The columns are rounded to ease the flow of slurry making agitating and emptying faster. Tanks can be emptied from one point making the job faster and safer.

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  • Precast Columns and Beams
  • Precast Columns and Beams
  • Precast Columns and Beams
  • Precast Columns and Beams

Benefits of Precast Concrete Pillars and Beams

  • 10-15% more capacity with removed walls
  • Cost savings due to speed of construction. Reduced on-site time verses casting concrete on site.
    • 75% less time than shuttering
    • 75% to 90% less need for scaffolding
    • 90% less concrete required
  • Greater control in project planning and cost due to the majority of work taking place off site.
  • Increased accuracy and quality of finish due to Factory production and decreased weather dependency.
  • Site labour reduced. Compared with cast in situ structures, site labour is reduced by between 50% and 80% using precast
  • Higher strength achieved from factory produced columns and beams. Resulting in larger clear spans
  • Less WastagePrecast Concrete Columns and beams are a more efficient use of steel and concrete.


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