Agri Products


Cattle Slats

Croom Concrete have been producing precast concrete cattle slats for the agri-construction sector for over 30 years.


Cubicle Beds

Croom Concrete manufactures precast concrete cow cubicle beds to cater for dairy cow housing.


Wall Panels

Croom Concrete’s unique system uses precast panels to create versatile and affordable walling. 


Cattle Underpasses

Croom Concrete’s high-quality precast concrete box culvert range is the ideal solution for most forms of road underpass for a vast range of applications, from cattle underpass for cattle transport to drainage.


Prestressed movable walls


Slurry Channels

Our concrete slurry channel system have been designed to facilitate the free flow of slurry along the concrete channel from your shed to your storage tanks.


Effluent Tanks

Croom Concrete manufacture and install a range of sizes of effluent storage tanks which reduce the risk of polluting the water table.


Precast Columns and Beams

Croom Concrete designs, manufactures and erects a variety of standard Precast Concrete Columns and Beams, that combined with cattle slats, suspended passage ways and precast cubicle beds offers farmers and contractors a total precast solution.


Feed Troughs

Feed troughs are designed to ensure rapid installation and can be repositioned very easily.